Virtual tours and online seminars

Virtual tours

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Interactive virtual rallies


Online seminars

Far away and yet in the middle! With our new offers, Greencity Freiburg comes to you with its most exciting projects.

Our virtual offers combine different media and are individually tailored to your needs. All participants sit at home in front of their own computer, as a school class in the classroom or as a team of experts in the conference room.

Virtual tours: The core of our virtual tours are interactive tours with 360 ° panoramic images. These are combined with interviews, film clips and drone recordings. Various questions and tasks turn the participants into active explorers.

Online seminars: They have depth and are developed individually for you according to your thematic wishes and your time budget. Online lectures by experts, video clips and 360 ° tours provide information and present innovative projects. From the very first minute, the participants can be asked to contribute in a variety of ways.

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