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Solar Architecture

The word “architecture“ stems from the ancient Greek word for construction art and concerns itself with the technological aspects of construction as well as the artisitic elements. Ever since the debate over climate change found greater meaning, energy efficiency and sustainability have played an important role in architecture. There are numerous techniques available for constructing low energy buildings, passive houses, zero-energy houses and plus-energy houses. Through these techniques, the energy consumption of new houses as well as old ones can be significantly reduced. We will show you modern designs and innovative energy concepts in new and renovated buildings.

Architecture for Visiting Experts and Universities

Contemporary Architecture in Freiburg

Contemporary Architecture in Freiburg The University Library designed by Heinrich Degelo, the new town hall designed by Christoph Ingenhoven and the renovation of the Augustiner Museum by Christoph Mäckler are just the first of many Freiburg projects from internationally recognized architects to reach completion. In recent years, numerous other examples of modern architecture have emerged…


Barge Tour: Architecture and Urban Development

Barge Tour: Architecture and Urban Development This special kind of boat ride offers quite unusual perspectives. On board for this tour is a Hamburg architect and urban planner, who leaves the city behind and is well aquainted with the city’s history, contemporary architecture and planning. During the tour, you will learn about the architectural highlights…


Wood Architecture in the Black Forest

Wood Architecture in the Black Forest In the largest German central mountain range, the Black Forest, wood as a construction material has always played an important role. In the current discussion surrounding building biology, climate protection and added regional value, wood is experiencing a renaissance. Innovative wood architecture is supported with clear arguments: technical performance,…


Innovative Housing Concepts

Innovative Housing Concepts Our rapidly changing society requires adaptibility and innovative new models, even in relation to housing. Freiburg offers a broad spectrum of new housing concepts, such as tenant housing syndicates, community construction projects, and innovative cooperatives. Community construction projects (“Baugemeinschaften“) are jointly planned multi-family dwellings and commercial projects funded by several private builders.…


Old Structure Renovation

Old Structure Renovation 75% of German household energy consumption goes towards heating. Leaking windows, badly insolated walls and outdated heating systems produce enormous amounts of energy loss. Of this, 80% could be saved through specialized renovations. Numerous projects in Freibrug demonstrate possibilities for saving energy and the available strategies and techniques for doing so. Renowned…