Barge Tour: Architecture and Urban Development

This special kind of boat ride offers quite unusual perspectives. On board for this tour is a Hamburg architect and urban planner, who leaves the city behind and is well aquainted with the city’s history, contemporary architecture and planning. During the tour, you will learn about the architectural highlights as well as the hidden, though no less important, concepts for urban planning. You will be astounded by all the things that will appear before you, from starboard, port and aft:

The Elb Philharmonic, the new port crown of St. Pauli, busy harbor street houses, Park Fiction, Europes largest bascule bridge, hybrid houses, residential parks instead of Olympia, swimming offices, new logistics concepts, industrial settlements from Rolls Royce to Airbus, the Smart Harbor with windmills, fuel cell technology and the new cruise terminal.

Barge tour: 1 or 2 hour, Price: 600€/hr up to 30 guests, 700€/hr up to 40 guests, 800€/hr up to 50 guests

Availability at on-boat bar: coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, with catering options at your request