General Terms and Conditions

1. Registration and Confirmation
When you register in writing with Innovation Academy e.V. for one of our offered programs, you are officially registered for the requested event, including excursions, informational tours, seminars, and/or workshops.  Other agreements, requests,  arrangements, and changes to the completed booking must be confirmed in writing by us, which may be by fax or email.


2. Payment
After your registration has been confirmed, a down payment of 50% per person is due.  The rest of the payment is due at the latest 14 days before the program begins.  You will receive a detailed package after your final payment has been received.  Should you not adhere to this payment agreement, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract and bill you for cancellation costs as denoted under point 3 below.


3. Cancellation
You may cancel your tour at any time.  Customers are advised to declare their cancellation in writing and to take out a travel cancellation insurance policy.  Because of our expenses and duties towards third parties such as for lodging, gastronomic and transportation services we have the following cancellation fees:
Up to 30 days before the start of the event:  10% or a minimum of 50 €
29 – 20 days beforehand:  25%
19 – 10 days beforehand:  50%
9 – 4 days beforehand:   75%
From 3 days beforehand or in case of a no-show:  100% of the event price.

Special conditions apply to online events:

Up to 15 days before the start of the event:  free of charge
14 – 10 days beforehand:  25%
9 – 5 days beforehand:  50%
4 – 2 days beforehand:  75%
From 2 days beforehand or in case of a no-show:  100% of the event price.


4. Booking changes
Booking changes may be made with our permission.  If booking changes are made, we will charge you for any actual additional expenses or a minimum of 50 €.


5. Cancellation by Innovation Academy
If the listed minimum number of participants do not register, we have the right to cancel the event up to 14 days before it is scheduled to start.  Your registration payment will be returned to you without delay.  No further claims may be made.


6. Liability
Participation in our tours is at your own risk and your own responsibility as long as neither intentional nor grossly negligent actions can be proven against us.  Each participant is obliged to obey traffic regulations.  Minors may participate if accompanied by a legal guardian or if they present written permission by such a person. Participants agree to follow the instructions of the tour guides.  Each participant is individually responsible for being of sufficient physical health to complete the tour.  Please check your insurances such as health, accident and liability coverage.  In our contracts with third parties for services such as lodging, city tours, transfers, restaurants etc. we are only liable for the orderly negotiation of such services and not for the quality of the services themselves.


7. Bad weather
Bad weather is defined differently by different people.  Our tours take place in any weather except for life-threatening circumstances such as hurricanes, flooding etc.  At your request we will attempt to organize a replacement program for you.  If the costs for the replacement program are higher than those for the original tour, you will be charged for the difference.


8. Price changes
Exceptional circumstances such as price changes with the transportation company etc. may make it necessary for us to increase listed prices.  Price changes will be announced at least 14 days before the start of an event.  If the new price is more than 10% above the former price, within 5 days after you receive the notice thereof, you have the right to cancel your participation and receive a full refund.  Pre-paid fees will be refunded.  No further claims may be made.