Innovation Academy sees itself as part of a global movement that aims to contribute to societal transformation through educating on sustainable development. The cornerstones of our educational work are sensitization, knowledge aquisition, activation, exchanging of experiences and the understanding that all of us can be influenced by positive, practical set examples.

Our offers are not intended for a target audience. Instead, these individually customized programs are geared towards interested members of any group, such as trade visitors, universities, schools, and both leisure and regular clubs.

Within a framework that combines seminars, excursions and lectures, you will recieve important momentum to complete your own projects from our qualified instructors. For students as well as student groups we offer an interactive program in the form of Rallys and quizzes that can be completed in small groups.

We specifically select our destinations, for example the internationally recognized GreenCity Freiburg or the three-country inclusive Upper Rhein region. The European environmental capital of Hamburg, as a port city with the International Building Exhibition, additionally offers interesting aspects. The steadily growing metropolis of Munich is another good example of multimodal mobility and the goal of providing households with electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Frankfurt, Zurich and Basel are not only airplane destination cities, rather these cities are highly interesting for their high-rise modernization, housing cooperatives and modern architecture.

Long-term projects with project partners expand our own realms of experience and provide new insights that contribute to everyday education work. The following are past completed and actual projects:

2010: Educational Manual, Schullandheim Luginsland

2011: Future Workshop „Yach 2026“

2012-2014: Concrete Climate Protection

since 2015: Seminar Sustainable Urban Design, 3-week long

since 2015: Seminar GreenCity Freiburg, 3-week long

2016-2018: Paprika instead of parking

2018: Meeting point Vauban – regional learning destination “Education for Sustainable Development”

2018-2020: Blooming industrial areas