Solar Energy Tour in Freiburg

Sooner than elsewhere, the impact of the successful protests against the nuclear power plant in Whyl was recognisable in Freiburg: the future belonged not to fossil fuels but to renewable energy sources. Already in the 1970s the first solar energy exhibition was held in the region. For a long time the city hosted the world’s largest solar exhibition, Intersolar.

The rotating solar house Heliotrope and the Solar Settlement from architect Rolf Disch, the solar panelled roof of the Sport Club Freiburg football stadium or the prominent solar architecture of the Solar Fabrik are all symbols of Freiburg’s focus on solar energy. Furthermore the city is home to Europe’s largest solar research institute, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE).

Innovation Academy offers seminars and tours around all of Freiburg solar hot spots. We can explain the history behind the solar region of Freiburg and we can show you innovative examples of solar architecture.