Wilhelmsburg Island


An introduction at the large, three-dimensional city model provides an overview of the Hamburg city development and the Internationalen Bauaustellung (International Construction Exhibition). Afterwards we will explore the Wilhelmsburg Island including the Weltgewerbehof, which displays new ways to move towards economic self-sufficiency. The next stop is an old high-rise bunker from World War II. Now a peaceful energy bunker, today it provides the “Weltquartier” with energy and heat from biogas, wood chips and solar modules. The tour continues to the old waste deposit Georgswerde, which today is a regenerative „energy mountain“ which provides around 4000 households with energy through wind and solar power. To end the tour, we will visit Germany’s most modern climbing hall and the largest in northern Europe. Leisure activities and cooperative financing are the main themes in this portion of the tour.

Duration: approx. 3 – 7 Hours, for max. 30 Pers.

Suitable for upper school classes in the subjects of Economics, Geography, Social Studies and Art.

Information about Hamburg’s public transportation system and tickets can be found here: Tickets for School Children or Group Tickets for 5 Persons