Green Industry Park and Blooming Industrial Areas

The largest industrial area Freiburg North uses a lot of electricity and emits 1/10th of the climate-damaging CO2 in Freiburg. For this reason, very different actors have joined forces since 2014 to create the “Green Industry Park” in cooperation with local companies. The focus is on intelligent management of energy production, storage and use. Indeed, industrial and commercial areas are today mainly characterized by functional buildings with unattractive architecture, large parking lots, artificial soil and monotonous green spaces.

In addition, this industrial area is a climatic hot spot  in the city in summer due to extensive surface sealing and a lack of vegetation. In order to fight against this urban heat island phenomenon and initiate a change, trainees of different companies, within the framework of the project “Blooming Industrial Areas”, have actively and creatively participated in the design of the outdoor spaces to promote biodiversity and the well-being of the employees. The idea of this project was to make the largest industrial zone of Freiburg, covering 300 hectares, bloom.

After an introduction in the conference room, we will go on site to present you concrete projects.

In addition, you will receive the internet link to the documentary film on “Blooming Industrial Areas” which you can watch before or after the guided tour.