Blooming Industrial Areas

Industry and business park often consist of architectually unappealing, functional buildings, large parking lots and distant green spaces. This project intends to bring blooming flowers to the 300 ha of land belonging to Freiburg’s largest industrial park in the north.

Ideal conditions for fulfilling this project already exist, since in 2014 the area began being developed as a green industry park. These kinds of parks focus on the intelligent control of energy generation, storage and usage.

The project, “Blooming Industrial Areas“ expands on the concept of green industry parks on the level of social ecology, where trainees actively and creatively participate in development of the outside spaces.

Topics that have to do with this sustainabile development project include: Environmental and Biodiversity Protection, Soil, Nutrition, Garden building, Renewable Energy, Health, Mobility and Open Space Design.

You can find more information about this project in it’s exposé: Blooming Industrial Areas