Barcelona from its Roman roots to the 21st century

Full-day school tour in Barcelona

We start the tour with a visit of the historic roots of the city. Walls and the remains of a temple from Roman times are evidence of the founding of the city. They are located in the Barri Gòtic, one of the largest Gothic districts in Europe.

After our tour of medieval Barcelona, ​​we make a leap into the 19th century. With the help of a presentation we learn something about the development of the city by the urban planner Cerda. His central district Eixample, with its characteristic orthogonal block patron, has a remarkable density and a mixture of housing and economic activity, and is full of nice art nouveau buildings.

As next destination we reach the former industrial district Poblenou. One of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world was launched here in 2000 under the title 22 @ Barcelona. Target is to transform the historic but dilapidated industrial district of Poblenou into a dynamic and innovative district.

The district is also home of one of the first so-called superblocks. Nine city blocks are combined here and the traffic is routed around this “superblock”. Pedestrians and cyclists have priority within the superblock and only local and delivery traffic is possible. Now children can play in the former traffic-dominated areas and the streets became attractive public areas.

During the visit we will have time to hear about some of the most remarkable mobility innovations, such as the new orthogonal bus network, the automated metro system or Barcelona’s initiatives to promote cycling.