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Innovation Academy -
Il vostro partner per il turismo tecnico e la formazione sullo sviluppo sostenibile.

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Innovation Academy

L'organizzazione no-profit organizza tour specializzati, escursioni, seminari e workshops sul tema dell'innovazione e della sostenibilità. Argomenti in dettaglio sono:

Energie rinnovabili, urbanistica, l'ammodernamento di vecchi edifici, mobilità. I nostri partecipanti provengono dai campi: politica, energia, ambiente, architettura, urbanistica, casa, finanza, industria, commercio e l'istruzione. Possiamo organizzare per voi un programma completo comprendente la traduzione, alloggio, pasti, trasferimenti e programma sociale.

26. März 2014: Preisverleihung zum innovativen Langzeitprojekt „Klimaschutz konkret“

Engagiertes Energiesparen zahlt sich aus:
Zur abschließenden Preisverleihung des Projekts „Klimaschutz konkret“ waren die Schülerinnen und Schüler zahlreich mit ihren Eltern, Lehrkräften und Schulleitungsteams in die Meckelhalle der Sparkasse Freiburg gekommen. Der 3. Preis ging mit 200 € an den Junior-Wasserstoffforscher und Knallgasexperten Fabian Kunkler. Der 2. Preis mit 400€ ging an die 10d des Mädchengymnasiums St. Ursula. Den 1. Preis erhielt die 10a des Kepler-Gymnasiums mit 600 €.


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The 4th Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Summit

logoAre you ready for a challenge? Recent estimates say that around 75% of the infrastructure that will be in use in 2050 doesn’t yet exist. This means immense global infrastructure investment needs for decades to come, all in the context of the need for Climate Action, Sustainable Energy for All, and the post-2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development.The 4th Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Summit is tackling this challenge by laying the groundwork for the financing of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable infrastructure.GIB is the leading platform for Sustainable Infrastructure Financing, and we are pleased to report strong progress since last year in the introduction of Sustainable Infrastructure as a new asset class. Accordingly, this year’s topic is "Mainstreaming Sustainability in Infrastructure Financing and Investment".Come join investors, developers, policy makers and solution providers on 21-22 May 2014 at the Congress Center Basel in Switzerland and help us meet the challenge. Innovation Academy members/clients will receive a discount of 20% on their GIB Summit 2014 attendance fees. GIB Summit 2014 Programme: GIB Summit 2014 Registration: (Discount code for the 20% discount: GIB2014_InnovationAcademy)

October 24, 2013
Lecture at the 1st Ukrainian Mobility Conference in Kiev

The German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) invited 200 mayors and communal traffic planners from all parts of the Ukraine to a conference. German ambassador Dr. Christof Weil welcomed the international experts from Copenhagen, Dublin, Mannheim, Offenbach and Freiburg and wished them a lively exchange of ideas with the Ukrainian traffic experts. Innovation Academy Director Hans-Jörg Schwander introduced Freiburg's Green City Concept with a focus on the current planning for bicycle speed trails. He explained how with a financial budget of 30 million euros the entire bicycle network of a city with 220,000 inhabitants can be significantly improved compared to only a few kilometers of roadwork.


September 17/18, 2013
High-Level Visitor from London: Minister Nick Boles

The British Minister for Planning, Development and Deregulation and two of his colleagues visited Innovation Academy to inform themselves about development measures related to Freiburg's town planning. Nick Boles was impressed by the Rieselfeld and Vauban model city districts, which were initiated by designating land parcels of entirely different sizes to building cooperatives and investors and that were developed by a large number of architects. Nick Boles intends to restructure property laws in England to make alternatives to solely investor-controlled construction like the ones he learned about in Freiburg possible in his own country. Freiburg's former town planner Prof. Wulf Daseking explained the "Charter of Freiburg" to the minister which he had developed for British city planners and architects.


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